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Cati Baby
02 August 2007 @ 06:14 pm
I can not wait for this weekend! I am drained beyond words. my kids are being little terrors. today fisher dumped close to a whole bottle of shampoo onto the carpet in julian's room before I noticed. I asked him what he was up to right before he went in there he said "just nothing" so i let him go, then a couple minutes later I wandered in there to find a HUGE mess. have you ever tried to clean soap from a carpet? not an easy task. Fisher is now in his room on a 30 minute time out. I got angry and asked him 'what did you tell me when I asked you what you were up to?" he said "just nothing" I said thats a lie, you were being sneaky. he just said "oh yeah, I lied" GRRRRRRRRR

work is a mess. money is missing from my van. no one is admitting to taking it. though my boss says I will not get into trouble for this I am still angry about someone taking it. crap, last week someone stole my healthy lunch from the fridge!!! (though that was most likely a client)

I gained 2 pounds while in florida. I am back on track now though which feels good. thats about it for now.
Cati Baby
18 May 2007 @ 05:19 pm
so I came home from work monday and my net was down!!! I didnt get it back up till today!! I have misssssed it!